SMS Text Marketing for Business Retail

Text message marketing is perhaps the most effective strategy for engaging customers and boosting sales. Texting enables you to connect with customers about new products, special sales and product or company news. Leverage keywords to expand your contacts, confirm appointments, or send out payment reminders.

Texting is affordable, convenient, effective and its what your customers want you to use!



Here are a few ideas a business could employ using text:


Promotions: Running a special on a new product just released? Let your customers know quickly and cheaply using text. How about a simple "come in a Tuesdays in January for 10% off".


Company News: Opening a new location? Having a weekend sale? Keep your customers engaged with texting rather than take a chance on an email that might never get opened.


Customer Service: Send out Birthday or holiday greetings. Send out a survey to see how your service is performing. Allow customers to report trouble tickets or repair issues via text and respond in kind.


How effective is SMS Text marketing?


Consider the following statistics:


Got more questions about how to use a bulk text messaging platform and how its features can best be used to increase sales and solve business challenges?


Click the link to watch a video demo: SMS Text video demo 


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