Using SMS Text for Billing reminders

When you run a business, “cash flow is king” as the old saying goes, and even a temporary disruption to your regular cashflow can cause serious problems. That’s why it’s imperative for customers and clients to pay on time, but in our hectic lives it’s easy to forget to pay an outstanding bill.

smartphone smsSMS Text can offer a simple yet powerful solution to this common problem of late, unpaid bills and fast approaching spending limits, which if breached can cost you and your customers a lot of time and money.


YipTel Reach and other texting products allow you to communicate with your clients instantly using the most effective communications tool in the market, your customers own smart phone. 

Send a simple text message to a customer informing them their invoice is unpaid and overdue. Build of list of 30, 60 or 90 day for example and broadcast out automated reminders with your own custom text message that might include contact numbers and email address so clients can connect with you instantly to make arrangements or discuss any issues. You can even add a URL link back to the payment gateway on your website allowing customers to instantly pay their outstanding bill.

Even better than reminding someone when their bill is already overdue, a payment reminder SMS text allows you to message customers ahead of due date, offering them the attractive incentive of an early payment discount or to let them know about a new promo.

SMS text messaging payment reminders can be sent to a large number of customers at once via bulk SMS technology, with personalization incorporated to enhance your customer relationships while maintaining the integrity of your cashflow in a non-threatening manner.

On average millennials exchange 67 text messages per day so if you're business is not using text you are missing a huge opportunity.


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