SMS Texting for business - How to send business texts

SMS texts from your business number can greatly improve communications and responsiveness from your customers. You can push out new sales and marketing promotions, communicate critical information, and provide updates and appointment information to keep your clients informed. This delivers an unparalleled customer service experience because it is immediate and responsive.

Text Automation

Automate reaching out to your clients by building forms and templates to use with one time or scheduled text messages. SMS messages can be broadcasted to multiple customers or to a specific list to simplify billing reminders, or to market to a specific segment. Its simple to use but a powerful tool. Use your imagination and there are many different uses.

Inbound ITR

That's right, automated inbound text routing. Communicate with your clients in a whole new way and intelligently route to the correct person based on client need or skill set. You can have multiple users monitoring the text application on their desktop. Maybe you have someone in service, someone in billing and someone in reception all monitoring the app. That way your clients can get support, schedule appointments, and ask billing questions all over text if they don't have time for a phone call. That's pretty cool and customers love it.

Keyword Triggers

Quickly add a tag, send a response text, or even subscribe a contact to a drip campaign based on any number or keywords received.

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API Integration

SMS enable your current software applications by leveraging YipTel's easy to use API.

Pew Research Center estimates that nearly two-thirds of Americans own a smartphone and that 97% of smartphone owners utilize text messaging more frequently than other features or apps. Nearly 91% of Americans have their cell phone within arm's reach 24 hours a day.

Studies have also show some additional remarkable statistics that show the effectiveness of texting for business compared with other forms of reaching clients.

  • Text messages have a 98% open-rate compared to 20% for email
  • 95% of texts are read within 3 minutes!
  • The average millennial exchanges 67 text messages per day!


To learn how to text enable your business phone number check out our video demo today!

SMS Text video demo 


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