What is Digital Transformation?

Digital Transformation is using digital technology to solve traditional problems. It is using digital solutions that improve innovation and creativity rather than just enhance or support existing traditional methods. Its integrating digital technology into all areas of your business, fundamentally changing how you operate and deliver value to your clients. 

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Examples of Digital Transformation

Marketing - Digital materials are generally cheaper to produce and distribute than analog media. Email, in particular, is far less expensive than print-and-mail campaigns. Second, digital marketing opens the door to marketing automation, analytics tracking, and dialogue with customers in ways that analog never could.  By digitally transforming the way a business engages in marketing you are able to glean insights from marketing data and dial in your target marketing as well as reach many more prospects than ever before.


Customer Service - Customer service, and our ideas around where service begins and ends, are being changed by the digital era as much as any other part of business, maybe even more so.

The “on-demand economy” has quickly grown from a few apps that hire errand runners and hail cars for busy urbanites to a global movement.  Its now common place to hear the term “Uberize an industry.” A combination of smartphone, electronic payment systems, and apps designed to match demand (consumers) to supply in real time has created a world in which nearly anything you want is just a swipe and tap away, around the clock.

Talk about digital transformation! Everything from ordering a Jimmy Johns sandwich to child care is now available at our fingertips. Customers are expecting more and more companies and industries to embrace digital as their primary means of doing business. For service departments, that means greater expectations for 24/7 problem-solving on the customer’s channel of choice. But it also means greater opportunities to delight buyers and win more business.


How to take advantage of digital transformation using telecom

Lets consider how business has been done in most industries over the past 15-20 years or more. Most businesses published and advertised a main phone number and relied on customers calling that number to place orders or get support. Remember the yellow pages?  Today that model has been flipped on its head. Business now pay for SEO, advertise they're website, place Facebook ads etc.

The way businesses advertise that main business number has been digitally transformed. However it is still the goal of most companies to generate phone calls to that main number.

What if a client could text your business? 

What if you could text patients about specials, remind them about appointments or late billing?

What if your employees need to be mobile or work from home? 

What if customers want to engage you directly from your website?

Digital telecom solutions can make all of these things possible and transform the way you engage your customers.

VoIP has not only removed the need for expensive hardware and in-house expertise it also allows businesses to text enable their main phone number so clients can reach them via SMS text as well as over the phone. It allows all branch offices to connect to the same phone system allowing for internal messaging, file sharing, video calls, 3 digit dialing, and more.

Texting software solutions enable businesses to broadcast marketing campaigns to customers, send bill reminders, appointment reminders and to engage customer service via text message.

Software defined networking allows businesses to manage remote locations without physically needing to be onsite. It provides manageable data about users, bandwidth use and security. It simplifies network management for IT personnel.

Office365 allows businesses to put all users on the same email platform managed in the cloud by Microsoft simplifying how you support you employees and eliminating the need for in-house email servers.

Data backup solutions allow you to back up your transaction data, email and other applications in the cloud for instant disaster recovery and business continuity.

Make your business more agile, digitally transform and be able to engage your clients everywhere they are and want you to be.  There are great opportunities to increase market share, improve client retention and delight your customers.

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