Using Technology to Share Holiday Hours with Customers


The holiday season is the busiest time of year for many companies such as retail and the slowest for others like many B2B businesses. Whichever sleigh you’re in – the holiday rush or holiday lull – it’s important to make sure that customers are aware of your extended or shortened hours and closures so there are no surprises.

Here are a few ways to make customers aware

  • Email - Sending out a quick email to inform your customers about your holiday hours is a great excuse to touch base with your customers. Make sure to send a holiday greeting and details about any sales you may have for the holiday.


  • Website - Update your hours online and anywhere else customers are likely to look. Add some holiday flair to the website and be sure to update every appropriate area on the website that shows your hours.


  • Automated Auto Attendant - Create a holiday greeting and updated auto attendant message that includes your holiday hours. To add a little something extra include some holiday music. With a Hosted VoIP system this is an easy change and can be easily updated.


  • Social Media - Most people carry their cell phone and look for information on websites and social media apps. Whether your company uses Facebook, Yelp, or just Google my business you will want to go in and update your holiday hours so your clients will be aware.


  • Voicemail - Have any employees who record a holiday message on their voicemail, explain their holiday hours and how to get support if the offices are closed.


  • Mobile App - If your using a hosted VoIP system then you likely have a mobile app on your cell phone. Using the app your customers can get the help they need should something come up outside of business hours during the holiday season. Employees can forward calls, view transcriptions of voicemails, send and receive SMS messages, record calls and store them for later right from their mobile phone. 



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