What is SMS and MMS Texting?


SMS stands for short message service and is more commonly known as a text message. SMS allows you to send a message of up to 160 characters. Another common type of messaging service is an MMS or multimedia message where you can send pictures, video etc. Studies have shown that text messages have a 98% open rate compared to 20% for email. Text messages have a 95% read rate and most of those are read within 3 minutes. The average millennial exchanges 67 text messages per day.

What does this mean for your business?

Let me start with an example: Taco Bell. As with any business owner staying in touch with your most loyal customers can be a challenge, especially when customers are on the go. Taco Bell launched a text messaging campaign in order to stay in touch with customers. They amassed over 13,000 SMS subscribers within the first 5 weeks! To drive customer awareness of the new SMS campaign, customers were encouraged to text TBIC to 30364. After customers subscribed on their mobile phones, they would receive a text promotion offering them a free Frutista Freeze with the purchase of any food item. To limit exposure Taco Bell used rolling expiration dates in their initial text offer. This allowed Taco Bell to set an expiration date 3-5 days out. During the campaign Taco Bell sent out 29,000 SMS coupons and was so well liked that at the end of the 5 week campaign 93% of those subscribers were still subscribed to the campaign. Very sticky!

How does it work?

SMS text for the most part is a software subscription you pay for monthly to a service provider and often works in conjunction with your phone system. YipTel Reach (one of our providers) allows you to communicate and support your clients instantly their smart phone. It allows you to connect and interact with your clients immediately via SMS and MMS messages. You can push out new sales and marketing promotions, communicate critical information, and provide updates to keep your clients informed. This delivers an unparalleled customer service experience that is immediate and responsive. This is the future of business communications.

Here is a screenshot of the application

 sms software

SMS texting allows you to easily and immediately communicate with your clients on your main business number. Upload your client base and then create sales and marketing promotions, provide updates, deliver appointment reminders and automate recurring or scheduled text notifications. Ultimately SMS text will improve your clients satisfaction with your company.

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