What is Presence Management on a VoIP Phone System?

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Presence is a term to describe the status of a user. Users broadcast their availablity in real time online using the corporate network. For example suppose the CEO is in a meeting and does not want to be disturbed. With presence management the VoIP software allows him to show that information for others in the organization to see. Presence is a status indicator that notifies other users of the ability and willingness of a particular user to communicate through Instant message, email, mobile, phone call or other forms of communication based on the user's connection to a network. It looks something like this…


Seems simple enough right? You would be amazed at the time saving power of this simple application. Let's consider another example…Say you need to stop by the CFO's office to get a signature on a document. Without presence management you might drop by his desk 4 different times during the day missing him each time and that mundane task rolls over into the next day. With Presence management you could easily monitor the software and when you find Justin is available, stop over and collect the signature. Maybe you also need to meet with Chris regarding a project. Currently his status shows He is in a meeting with a new client so you'll know to either send email or instant message Chris to call you when his meeting is over. Hopefully that gets your gears turning and you can begin to see the productive time saving value of this tool.

Here are 4 benefits of Integrated Presence Management

  1. Status Indicator - Anyone using your phone system that is on the presence management platform can easily see who's available, the best way to reach them and redirect communications accordingly.
  2. Instant Messaging - Instant Messaging is the easiest way to communicate within a business environment allowing users to text from desktop to desktop, desktop to mobile app, really anywhere to anywhere using a private proprietary application on the corporate network.
  3. Real-Time Accountability - Presence allows for immediate response and can be a great way to provide accountability of workforce members throughout the day.
  4. Notes - Users have the ability to leave a short note next to their status instantly letting others know when they will return or where they plan to be, even that they are working from how that day etc.

Time is more important than ever in today’s business environment. Presence management saves an incredible amount of time because of the technology’s innate ability to drive efficiency and productivity. Every business owner realizes the positive impact that even a minimal amount of improvement in this area can have on an organization’s bottom line. This tool can speed up communication in your business which in turn will improve business operations.


To see a short video demo of presence management

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For reviews of providers who offer presence management click here.




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