The Total Economic Impact of migrating to Microsoft 365

Many companies are considering a wide range of cloud-based solutions to create and empower the modern workplace. According to a report by Forrester Research 42% of respondents work from home and 32% work from client sites or during travel. They also found that 98% of information workers collaborate with someone else at work on a weekly basis and another 79% collaborate with customers, clients or patients each week. That survey tells us that mobility and collaboration are two of the biggest driving factors behind the momentum of digital transformation in business. Businesses need to empower employees and give them the tools to work smarter and more collaboratively. Microsoft 365 solutions support many key needs of today's enterprises. Businesses want new interfaces that work across any device and on all platforms to empower their employees. They want collaboration through teamwork solutions that give people the tools to solve problems. IT managers want streamlined operations with management tools and automation. They want to be able to protect information and end users with built in cloud solutions for security.


Streamlined business processes reduce the time it takes to develop a new product

Microsoft 365 enables organizations to streamline and transform business processes, leading to an overall improvement in business outcomes. SharePoint, Teams and Power BI analytics decreases time spent on key tasks, improves effectiveness. Efficiency created by improved collaboration reduces product development cost and time.

Improved Online Meetings

Intuitive solutions like Teams make employees more effective in online meetings.  Teams gives users better tools that allow them to start meetings on time, to share documents and screens, and to allow participants to engage face-to-face. The bottom line better and more effective meetings!


Secure remote access saves 24 minutes per day accessing systems and information

Highly-mobile workers are typically high-value contributors, such as salespeople and senior managers. Saving them time every day means they will have more time to contribute to the bottom line and bring in more business. The time savings not only to connecting to corporate information but also accessing it on the fly during client meetings should lead to more deals and faster close rates.


Microsoft 365 reduces downtime by an average of 15.75 hours annually for each user

With secure access to information, systems and people from any device, whenever and wherever can reduce the impact of downtime due to a crashed device. If an employee computer is down or a branch office has a fiber cut and its down. Employees can still access information and systems from any Internet connected device such as an iPad, cell phone or wi-fi connected laptop. Users go right on working during the inconvenience without losing productivity.


The economic impact of Microsoft 365 goes far beyond this article but think about the savings and improved activity of just the few bullets I covered in this blog. Improved collaboration and ability to coauthor and review documents could save 2 hours per week and depending on the size of your organization that could be hundreds of thousands of dollars over 3 years.

Better teamwork, communication and management of daily activities could save several hours per week resulting in savings. Improved Online meetings will allow employees to better achieve the desired outcomes of their meetings leading to increased sales, improved productivity and potentially millions of dollars in savings/revenue over 3 years depending on the size your average deals.

Lastly the secure remote access for high-level contributors and the reduction in downtime due to local outages could lead to more revenue and improved productivity. Even the time it takes for decision makers to make decisions and innovatively do their jobs will improve with the right digital communications and collaboration tools.


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