Why isn't there a "LendingTree" of IT and telecom solutions?


The Internet...

has transformed the way we research, compare and consider information – this is especially true for purchasing decisions.

Instead of contacting each provider or supplier directly, we now turn to third-party sites for an objective report of the facts. These websites also provide anecdotal experiences and reviews from customers, with information on product details and pricing.

Think of websites like Orbitz and LendingTree. They’re now our go-to destination in the first step of our travel planning and mortgage lending decision processes. When LendingTree came along, the process of getting a loan was revolutionized – and their tagline said it all, “When banks compete, you win.” Instead of having to interact with the banks directly, customers could watch them compete among themselves for their business and pick up the best deal.

Comparing flights and loans is no longer a matter of dialing the telephone or interacting with a sales person directly a la 1985. It’s something that can be done with a few keywords, feature preferences and clicks of the mouse.

So heres the question...

If telcos made 21st-century research possible by bringing us the Internet, why do businesses have to use 20th-century techniques to find the information they need on telecom companies and their offerings?

Even though telecom is a ubiquitous service need for today’s bandwidth-driven companies, business telecom service providers don’t publish info on an aggregation website like Orbitz or LendingTree. Instead, they require customers to go through the old-school steps of combing through data, contacting companies directly, talking to sales agents, and doing their own comparisons.

So what is the 21st-century answer to this dilemma?...
Third-party telecommunications agencies. They compile on-demand product comparisons and vendor recommendations based on client requirements. Much like Orbitz and LendingTree, users simply supply their specific needs and goals in an online form, and upon submission and a short turn-time, receive a list of available options.

It’s the word “neutral” that defines these agencies. Unlike carrier sales reps, they don’t have a horse in the race – they just want companies to take home the budget and performance winnings. That’s why they’re dedicated to helping you cut through the noise.

Much like a travel booking site or a mortgage rate aggregator, telecommunications agencies that offer helpful rate and product comparisons are compensated by the providers in order to offer this service to clients. That’s right – the providers pay the agencies, not the clients.

Better Service, Same Price

In essence, end users get the information, pricing, recommendations, and network design and installation support information – all at no cost to their business. Companies have what they need to make the best decision, and it’s all conveniently available.

As with LendingTree and Orbitz, “when telecom providers compete, you win.”If you’d like to learn more about how third-party telecom consultants can help companies review and select the best connectivity options, download the “Telecom Brokers: The ‘Lending Tree’ of IT Solutions” eBook.

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Mike is CEO of Agility Communications and a telecom veteran of 20 years, having worked for CenturyLink (Qwest) and as an independent telecom consultant. His industry expertise makes him adept at advising businesses on telecom strategy, helping SMBs optimize their communications, especially in the rapidly evolving landscape of cloud services. He is committed to working with companies to assess their voice and data systems in an effort to remain agile and competitive in the marketplace. When he's not creating value for customers, Mike and his family spend time outdoors and like to take in the arts. Mike is a consummate hobbyist including sports, boating and the outdoors. He loves to talk sports and is an avid Angels fan.

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