New Commercial Bandwidth: A Business Operations Gold Mine

140320-stephen-curry-1000.jpgFiber connectivity is on the rise in multi-tenant buildings with over 20 employees. According to Vertical Systems Group, it has climbed from 10.9% in 2004 to 42.5% in 2014. That means more companies have access to high-level carrier Ethernet service connections, high-speed IP/MPLS VPN services, and top-notch cloud services and Internet connectivity than ever before.

In a few years, this period may be looked at as “the great fiber gold rush.” The data begs the question, "Which companies will be left behind, searching for fool’s gold?" Smart businesses are starting to look for the new carrier services available in their building. More and more, SMBs are embracing the operational efficiencies and cost-savings offered by cloud-based service platforms by leveraging newly available bandwidth.

The problem for many small and medium-sized companies is that they either don’t know these services are available, or they haven’t been informed on how fiber can improve their operations. Companies across various industries, including banking, retail, and healthcare, can access a wealth of business optimizing applications and provide greater customer service with improved efficiency when supported by ample connectivity.


Banks with only a few regional branches often look to manage their IT expenses and limit on-site infrastructure. But they need the latest technology and security in their connectivity to keep up with the larger institutions. Fiber connectivity can provide the answer.

  • Keep files in servers at a centralized location
  • Improve branch connectivity and collaboration
  • Transport check receipts at high speeds
  • Save money that would be spent paying for on-site infrastructure


With fiber connectivity, retail companies have the chance to streamline their point of sale, improve security, merchandising and supply network:

  • Aggregate, analyze and store POS data
  • Improve network security with more robust connectivity
  • Provide the right supply at the right time by anticipating customer needs
  • Faster POS transaction speeds will improve customer service


Local hospitals with multiple care facilities can implement innovative patient outreach initiatives with fiber connectivity. In this area, it’s all about optimizing physician manpower:

  • Retrieve patient records and imaging data quickly
  • Monitor patients remotely
  • Provide online consultations
  • Improve collaboration with clinics, imaging centers and medical offices
  • Save money on physician and patient travel


Fiber Is the Future, so Invest in the Present

Over a 10-year span, fiber penetration has quadrupled. What will the story be in 2025? At least for today, we know that your company can better adopt cloud and virtualization platforms by investing in the bandwidth and connectivity necessary to leverage those services. Doing so will boost your operations, help to reduce on-site infrastructure costs, and help to keep small and medium-sized companies competitive with larger businesses within their industry.

That makes fiber connectivity the great business equalizer of 2015. It’s the California gold to big business’s old money. The question is simple: do you want to be a 15er or a 25er?

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