How VoIP works

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VoIP is a revolutionary technology that is taking over the traditional phone network. Customers are migrating to hosted VoIP and ditching their old phone systems for a more flexible and more agile technology Voice over IP. In simple terms rather than sending audio signal over the copper phone network using an automated switch board, calls are now delivered as data packets over a data network.

Because voice calls are now just another data application on your network or coming across your Internet connection there are thousands of different applications that can be deployed (web conferencing, custom music on hold, presence management etc) and you are no longer stuck to a single physical location. Now calls can be sent to your phone anywhere you can get an Internet connection.

Complex proprietary phone systems become a thing of the past and most VoIP systems can be self administered from any computer on the network. Support is included free as part of the service and any capital expenditure for a phone system goes away. Now you pay a single carrier for your phone, phone service and its all managed by the provider in the cloud meaning no more service calls or support issues.

Check out this short video clip and see what VoIP can do:  How VoIP works


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