How a Hosted VoIP phone system Improves business Communications

Polycom cloud voipVoIP phone system popularity has exploded in the small business market. Business owners no longer have to settle for expensive legacy phone solutions that carry a heavy cap X. The functionality of Cloud IP systems far surpasses the ability of legacy systems, is easy to maintain, cost effective and simplifies your telco closet. A cloud based system lets you connect over the Internet through traditional and modern communication devices, making communication with clients more efficient, flexible, and affordable.

How Does Hosted VoIP improve business communications?


Here are 5 ways:
  • Cost Effective - In most cases making a change to a cloud based system and getting all new phones can be done with zero out of pocket expense using the same monthly cost you already pay for your local phone bill.


  • Eliminate crowded Telco closet - Most businesses today have a closet somewhere with all kinds of legacy equipment and wiring mounted on a board. There are typically old analog punch down blocks and all kinds of other wiring items strung all over the place. Many businesses have the old phone system mounted on the wall right next to the new obsolete one. It all takes up space and most of them look like a rats nest. With Cloud PBX none of that is necessary. In fact most of the time it is removed from the wall and thrown out. The brains of a cloud based system lives, well….in the cloud (usually the providers data center) and all you need is a data networking switch and your internet router. All your new phones will connect to the switch and communicate with the provider over your internet connection.


  • Flexibility and Agility - Many small business owners wear a lot of hats and have to be in many different places. Imagine if you could get your office calls on your cell phone using a mobile app. You no longer have to forward calls and guess at whose calling. With a mobile application your cell phone can works as an extension of your office phone. You no longer have to give out your personal cell number because callers can reach you from your office number anywhere you want. Adding new employees is simple, just call and request another phone and it is shipped out ready to plug and play. Imagine having the flexibility of a single shared voicemail system so your personal voicemail can be separate from your business. Imagine being able to text the computer screen of one of your managers while your off site and being able to help them solve a customer issue without needing to be there or take a call. All of this agile flexibility is available in a cloud hosted PBX.


  • No IT resources needed - Many businesses have limited or no IT professionals - and those that do typically have two or fewer. IT is responsible for many mission critical systems and often do not have experience in voice communications. In a cloud system voice is simplified and IT can manage the system from a web application and leave the technical detail to experts in the cloud. Companies with no IT support can lean on 24/7 cloud technician support who will manage the system for you at no additional cost.


  • Simplified maintenance - With a Hosted VoIP phone system the days of needing to pay some local technician to come make a repair or tweak to your phone system is gone. No more expensive maintenance contracts or software upgrades are needed anymore either. With a cloud based system the brains live at the providers data center and software upgrades happen regularly with no cost or downtime to you. If you do any a problem a new phone is shipped out free of charge. If there is a network issue an engineer will trouble shoot the problem 24/7 for free.


All businesses can now experience the benefits of a technologically-advanced Cloud PBX phone system. Productivity can increase with Cloud PBX functionality. Telco closets can become simplified, clean an manageable with Cloud and your phone solution can be managed remotely simplify maintenance and reducing its cost.


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