5 Reasons High-Speed Fiber Internet is Crucial for Business

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The saying goes "Speed Kills" and it is tied to many meanings. In Baseball for example Speed as in pitching kills hitting. In Football "Speed Kills" were the famous words of Al Davis (Owner of the Oakland Raiders) and referred to foot speed and quickness which kills defenses. Mr. Davis used to say "You can't teach speed, Everything else in the game can be taught, but speed is a gift from God.

In Business a lack of speed caused by slow Internet kills your productivity. What was fast a couple years ago is slow by today's standards. More and more Internet-linked devices are showing up and sapping your limited bandwidth. As demand for IoT and connected devices grows and more and more applications are accessed from the cloud the demand for Internet and network bandwidth becomes enormous.

Here are 5 reasons High-Speed Fiber Internet is crucial for your business.

1. Speed increases productivity 

The first most obvious reason is available bandwidth speed. Fiber-optic Internet is many times faster than even the highest-speed copper Internet connections, with options available that range from 5 Mbps to 100 Gbps. Most businesses cannot tolerate a slow connection is times of high demand.

Research by Sandisk indicates that slow Internet connections cost employees "one week per year of productivity." While the time your teams spend waiting on slow Internet can seem minor, it adds up significantly over time. Your Internet connectivity should never inhibit productivity. It should be a tool that supports your employees' desire to work productively.


2. Voice over IP

Companies today are learning to get rid of the large capital investment of a phone system and moving to a cloud based, professionally managed phone system. Eliminating the need for in house expertise, simplifying and improving communications. High-Speed Fiber allows for good call quality and advanced functionality.


3. Leveraging Cloud

More and more business processes can be moved to the cloud with High Speed Fiber Internet. Maintaining on-premises hardware can be a burden, particularly for small businesses, so many businesses are shifting processes to the cloud. Running business processes in the cloud saves on capital investment costs, and cuts down on a small business's need for on-site IT hardware maintenance. To use cloud processes efficiently, your business needs dependable high speed internet. Being able to put business processes in the cloud keeps expenses down and productivity high.


4. Video

For many companies, teleconferencing and video conferencing are important tools for employee training, marketing, and sales. With a fiber-optic Internet connection, businesses can increase their investment in video conferencing as a business tool without sacrificing available bandwidth. Research indicates that increased investment in video conferencing can help companies defy distance and break down cultural barriers to improve productivity.


5. Security

High Speed Fiber Internet is the most secure transport available. Would-be hackers and information thieves can gain access to business cable Internet with relative ease using cable tapping or other relatively simple methodologies. To penetrate fiber-optic Internet they would have to physically cut the fibers, which will cause the signal to disappear. Fiber-optic Internet is one powerful way to increase your company's protection against cyber crime.

The average cost of an information security breach is $3.8 million. Companies who leak protected information can face stiff financial penalties and customer defection. While media coverage of high-profile security breaches often focuses on large organizations, companies of all sizes are at significant risk of an attack. While an upgrade to fiber-optic Internet connectivity won't mitigate all of your organization's risks, it's certainly an important means of protection.

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