What is Metro Ethernet Service (MOE)?

technology1.jpgGrowing businesses are increasingly searching for higher bandwidth and capacity to better support and serve employees, partners and especially customers. Ethernet has proven to be a great solution for organizations that want administrative control and security over their network traffic— without requiring a lot of specialized knowledge.

What is Metro Optical Ethernet

Ethernet is based on LAN technology and utilizes wired ports, it’s an excellent solution for preventing unauthorized usage and malicious security breaches. Metro Ethernet combines the power of Ethernet and optical technologies across wide area networks to provide low- cost, scalable and secure bandwidth. Metro Ethernet is suitable for data applications including: data file transfer, Internet access, off-site data storage and access. The service is also well suited to voice and video applications.

Metro Ethernet is available in most metro areas and can be deployed over copper up to 10mb and on fiber up to 1Gbps. Its a layer 2 handoff which simplifies equipment needed.  MOE (Metro Optical Ethernet) offers 3 classes of service to prioritize traffic. It is backed by SLAs (service level agreements) boasts 24/7/365 network operations (NOC) support. Once deployed MOE is easily scalable and very cost effective offering dedicated bandwidth that can be scaled from 5 to 1000Mbps. For example a 100mb connection is around $600 up up to a 1Gbps for $1200 or less on private point to point or multipoint connectivity. Ethernet supports high-performance voice, video and data applications with visible Class of Service (CoS) performance, network reliability and advanced security.


  • Greater Productivity - Enable virtual workgroups to reliably communicate across  geographic locations with low-latency connections.
  • Cost Savings -  Replace higher-cost, static private line bandwidth with the granular  scalability and simplified upgrade path of Ethernet.
  • Increased Efficiency - Support delay-sensitive business applications with multi-level  class of service (CoS) application prioritization.
  • Ease of Adoption - Provide IT staff with familiar technology that is simply an  extension of your current office LAN.
  • Security and Control -  Secure data traffic by utilizing dedicated, private  connections and controlling your routing. 

IT decision makers are turning to Ethernet as a cost-effective solution for easily managing voice, data files, storage and more, with bandwidth that is simple to scale. For businesses with multiple sites, (any number from 2 to 100+), Ethernet is an excellent solution. This is especially true if customers are using content-rich applications like video conferencing or financial transactions where latency can be a problematic issue. Ethernet utilizes an easy-to-scale infrastructure with network management that is familiar to IT staff, reducing complexity and maintenance time. With Ethernet, organizations can be both more secure and more agile.

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Whether you require point-to-point, point-to-multipoint or any-to-any connectivity, an Ethernet solution will fit your desired architecture. 

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