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At first glance you might say "hey, your not an ISP"and you'd be right in the truest sense of the word. However I would argue that a telecom consultant is the ultimate Internet service provider because we offer Internet solutions from over 100 different companies. As a technology consultant and a carrier agent we are authorized to design, price and sell over 100 different carrier's solutions.

What does that mean to you?

Multiple Carrier and ISP Options

A consultant will learn how your business uses the Internet and represent you to all the vendors that they know can meet your needs. You get to deal with just the broker that has your business needs at heart rather than 10 different biased sales people. A good broker will have contacts with many carriers and vendors which means he or she can quickly acquire quotes and information without you having to request it yourself which saves you time and money.

More Expertise

Technology consultants have had years of experience working with various telecom carriers, ISPs and IT companies. They understand technology and are able to compare different Internet solutions from different companies without any bias. They can not only tell you what solution is available but they can also recommend which solution and which ISP is best. They will have had experience trouble shooting and working with the service end of the providers, not just the sales side and can steer you away from ISPs that don't have good support.

Better Service and Support

Technology consultants are an indirect channel for carriers and ISPs and as such do not carry a quota. In addition to no quota consultants are compensated on a residual basis meaning they are incentivized to keep clients happy if they want to continue to receive residual commissions. These two factors combined cause a consultant to be more interested in long term relationships and solutions that bare your best interest in mind rather than the providers. A direct representative from an ISP or carrier is only interested in a quick sale, a consultant is interested in a long term partnership.


Many companies with multiple locations and different providers get multiple bills and need help consolidating services. Agility understands “Telecom Aggregation” consolidating multiple services on one bill and providing a “one stop shopping” model that saves time and money.

Instead of having your staff members meet with multiple reps, from multiple providers, let Agility Communications shop your services for you. Agility has relationships with over 100 providers; We can inventory your existing business phone lines and internet services, conduct audits, we know what questions to ask and what technologies are most reliable and affordable.

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