4 Tools to Stay Connected with Remote Employees

work from homeIdeally, a remote employee is self-disciplined, needs little oversight, and can stay focused on getting the job done. Working from home is not for everyone. Employees who are not used to it might feel disconnected, isolated, or lonely. Collaboration tools play a crucial role when you are dealing with offices or clients separated by time and distance. They provide an environment where your employees can share and build ideas.

Here are 4 tools to stay connected and keep remote employees productive.

1. Instant Message The great thing about is that its almost as instantaneous as a phone conversation and features record-keeping capability of messaging. While face-to-face interaction is still the most ideal, instant messaging makes communication more convenient and accessible even if you need to communicate with employees in a home office or a country away.

  • It aids in connection staff members who are in off-site locations
  • It allows for group communication
  • It promotes employee engagement

2. Video Conferencing

Video conferencing capabilities can drive telecommuting initiatives by optimizing collaboration Video conferencing allows for the best-quality interactions available next to in-person meetings. Therefore, as employees become more geographically displaced, there is an increased possibility of misunderstanding or reduced flow in exchange of information. Employees capable of participating in meetings over video have a better read on coworker expressions and are far more engaged.

  • It helps strengthen virtual teams
  • It can significantly improve online training as well as sales discussions with potential clients.
  • It makes meetings more productive, shortening cycle times and decision-making

3. Intranet 

intranets have revolutionized business operations. Originally they had limited functionality, but today these virtual communities now drive productivity, allowing staff to exchange information and manage projects with ease. Managers and CEOs are often astonished at how quickly the right intranet can boost the bottom line.

  • Improved employee engagement
  • It can strengthen internal communication
  • Easily manage documents and information
  • It allows you to manage remote workers with file sharing, collaborate on projects.

4. VoIP phone system 

Utilizing a VoIP service, businesses obtain access to a wealth of robust features that can make remote working possible, without investing in a major capital outlay.

  • employees can work remotely from any location in the world.
  • Integration with cell phones using mobile app
  • Find-me/follow-me features
  • Auto attendant to route calls to different employees in the organization
  • schedule call routing
  • Integrated video conferencing and video chat
  • call reporting

We are in the midst of a flexible workplace revolution. More employees than ever before are working remotely, and it’s predicted that by 2020, 30 percent of the workforce will either be freelance, outsourced or remote workers who spend much of their time working from home. For some companies the need for employees to work remote has become essential. Make sure to give employees the right technology tools to be successful.

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